Different Types of Signage and Banners in Aberdeen, Edgewood, Bel Air, Towson and the Surrounding Areas

Allsigns can help you with banners and related signage in Aberdeen, Bel Air, Edgewood or Towson. Impressive banners will always be a powerful marketing and promotional tool. Banners attract attention and are visible from a distance.  They can be made to just about any size and from different materials. You can also various color combinations, graphics and text.

Let’s consider some of the different types of banners. Pull-up banners are versatile and portable and great for indoor use. Portable banners are easy to transport as you can just roll them up and take to where you need them. Canvas type banners often have hems for durability and grommets for heavy hanging. The can even have windslits for wind control.

Vinyl banners are great for outdoor use. They are usually quite big and visible from a distance. Vinyl banners can also be used for backlit displays.  Fabric banners are most used indoors for example as window displays.

The type of banner you need will depend on your event or purpose. You get fixed banners and portable banners.  You get outdoor banners and indoor banners. Banners can be used at trade shows, for birthday parties, bazaars, school events, parades, sporting events, church events and many more.

Banners can have a custom style, shape and size. For example, flying banners are great for outdoor use and have a teardrop or feather style. Flying banners are often used along pathways where they are easy to see and sure to attract attention. Banners can have a standard rectangular shape or custom shape such as circular, oval or teardrop. Banners can be of any size, small medium or large. You may need a suitable base to support your banners or grommets to hang your banner.

Allsigns can help you with the right banners for your event or function in Aberdeen, Bel Air, Edgewood or Towson.