Screen Printing, Vehicle Wraps, Car Wraps, Banners, in and around Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, Bel Air, Towson, Edgewood MD

Allsigns provides screen printing services for customers in Aberdeen, Bel Air, Fallston and Towson. Screen printing makes use of a stencil or screen to apply ink to a surface. Each color or tone is applied with a different stencil.  In can be applied in thick layers which results in vibrant and lively colors. Screen printing can be applied to any flat surface which means screen printing has endless possibilities.

Currently screen printing finds the biggest application in the textile industry.  Screen printing is the process used to print on various types of fabrics such as cotton, organza, silk and polyester. These fabrics are the then manufactured into finished products such as t-shirts, skirts, dresses and other types of clothing or related products such as upholstery, linen, curtains, drapes, cushion covers, bed sheets, bedcovers and other household and lifestyle items.

Screen printing also finds large application in the advertising industry as well as the sports industry. Most items such as posters, banners, hand-outs and related items are screen printed. The advertising industry thrives on vibrant colors that can be achieved with screen printing.

Screen printing is a relatively cheap form of printing especially for limited edition runs. Provided you have 6 or more items, screen printing can be cost effective. Digital printing is a newer technology an involves the use of computers and specialised printers. Digital printing is great for items that require detail and a large variety of colors.

Allsigns offers screen printing as well as digital printing from their 63″ digital printer and 5′ x 10′ flatbed printer. So whether you need screen printing in Aberdeen, stencil printing in Bel Air, t-shirt printing in Fallston or digital printing in Towson, Allsigns can help. It does not matter whether you need pantone colors, bright colors or grayscale, they have the equipment and people to get the job done.