The many applications of screen printing, business signs and signs in Bel Air, Towson, Aberdeen, MD


Allsigns offers screen printing as well as digital printing solutions in Aberdeen, Bel Air, Fallston, Havre De Grace and Towson. They offer professional print services, quick turnaround and know how to meet tight deadlines.

Screen printing requires the use of a screens (stencils). A screen is used to apply layers of ink to a surface such as fabric. Different colors can be applied by using different stencils. Screen printing is a good option when you are dealing with limited edition print runs that require a high level of vibrancy. Screen printing is also a good when dealing with dark surfaces or speciality products. Thick ink is applied dusting the screen printing process which result in vibrant and bright colors. Because of setup costs, this method also requires minim order quantities.

The textile industry is the biggest user of screen printing. The method of printing is used to print on fabrics such as cotton, polyester and silk. These screen-printed fabrics are then assembled into final products such as shirts, skirts and dresses. Screen printing also allows designers to create their own designs and brand labels. Apart from clothes screen printing is used to brighten up upholstery, linen, curtains, cushions, drapes, bed covers, life style items and more.

Screen printing is a partly a manual process and ink can also be applied to curved and uneven surfaces. This makes it a good choice for printing on speciality products such as water bottles and travel mugs.

The marketing and advertising industries also make extensive use of screen printing. Items such as flyers, posters, pamphlets and other point of sale items are often screen pronated.  The sports industry also uses screen printing to create team souvenirs and memorabilia such as T-shits, caps, sweat shirts, bats, keychains and more.

Allsigns offers limited edition screen printing services in Aberdeen, Bel Air, Fallston, Havre De Grace and Towson.